Potential Energy of Youth

The potential energy of youth resides in the sands yet fallen through the concavity of the hourglass—the nexus of the present. The grains to be defined, fallow but with a fertile promise, stand high and with greater weight than those settled below. There is an inherent envy, a longing of discontent, from those slipping further and further away from the present: contributing to an increasingly solid, concrete—unchanging and forgotten—set of facts. Any guise of non-static nature stems from the willing of the present to develop a sturdier landing—an apocryphal foundation. The sands of the lower vessel are held in a tripartite captivity by the confines of its walls, the piling of the ever-accumulating new presents, and the higher realm’s purview of reconfiguration. As the higher vessel’s numbers decrease, the weight of those yet to fall increases: exponentiated by the desperate helplessness below and declining determinism remaining above.